Events & Celebrations

Events. Almost every day of the year in the UAE there is an event going on somewhere, and many days there are a large variety of events to choose from. Marketing and publicising these events, as well as providing aesthetic value to the customers attending, are GALAXY Polystyrene products built by our Art & Decor Department. Make your event a memorable experience.

Celebrations. There are many held in the UAE at all times of the year; whether personal, local or national. The people living in the UAE love to display their love, pride and excitement in these and celebrate in style. As they are usually short term celebrations, they need products that are easy and quick to make, install, display and dismantle, yet are still visually stunning. GALAXY Polystyrene is the ideal material that our highly skilled Art & Decor Department staff can sculpture and build into anything you want, no matter how small or large.

Below is just a small sample of some of the events and celebrations that can benefit from the addition of GALAXY polystyrene based sculptures and figures.

Benefits of Polystyrene

  • It is a lightweight material that is easy to cut and shape.
  • It can be coloured, painted, have fixings attached, and can be merged with any other component like glass, steel, wood etc.
  • Although light, is very strong and will not degrade or be damaged by the weather. It can be kept as a memento of the magical day, or be a permanent display.
  • It is inexpensive compared to other materials like wood and plastic, etc.
  • Our EPS products are FR Grade and environmentally friendly; no CFC’s / no HCFC’s / ozone favorable / 100% recyclable.