Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight concrete is produced by replacing the normal aggregate with lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads aggregate, either partially or fully, depending upon the requirements of density and strength. It is used in many specific construction industries like high rise buildings, floating marine platforms, and large-sized and long-span concrete. An application of polystyrene concrete includes walls, cladding panels, tilt up panels and composite flooring.


  • The lightweight concrete (LWC) has no pollution to the environment because the manufacture of EPS particles consumes little energy, and the particles have no poison or harmful effects.
  • EPS forms are created in advance and offsite then shipped ready to use. Less space and time required onsite.
  • The EPS concrete has the characteristics of economy, environmental protection, and energy saving, meeting the design concept of modern construction material.
  • It has good energy absorption and heat preservation, and excellent durability.
  • EPS is environmentally friendly: no CFC’s / no HCFC’s / ozone favorable / 100% recyclable.

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