Precast Panels

Existing buildings are responsible for more than 40% of global energy use, so new innovative ways of lowering building energy use is vital. Insulated concrete panels with GALAXY Expanded Polystyrene sheets combines the strength and durability of concrete with the unmatched insulating capabilities of EPS. Precast concrete has steadily gained popularity in the Middle East construction industry as a preferred structural solution, and is now over 45% of concrete construction. Precast concrete also adds to the sustainability and durability of the structures. 


  • Precast insulated concrete wall panels can be created off-site, thereby requiring less construction site footprint.
  • This form of construction eliminates exterior insulation, cladding, reduces or eliminates structural elements like steel columns, some truss systems, and beams.
  • Carbon footprint reduced due to lower building energy costs.
  • Using precast fabrications reduces manpower cost by up to 25% as compared to conventional concrete.
  • Just-in-time delivery keeps the project moving.
  • EPS is environmentally friendly, producing no CFC or HCFC, and is 100% recyclable.

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