Sharjah Aquarium Ferry Station

GALAXY Polystyrene supplied special shaped blocks for pontoon construction. They were of a density of GPS 15 for good flotation, but able to easily hold the weight required. As well known in the marine industry, expanded polystyrene has an excellent light weight against it's volume, which gives it great buoyancy force, even when covered with 20cm thickness of concrete and steel, as will be the case in this project when completed.

Building Floating Pontoons

Polystyrene is ideal for building floating pontoons. As there is no set design for pontoons and polystyrene is very easy to cut, shape, transport and install, any size or design required by a client can be accommodated. Also, as it is mostly air it has a very low water absorbency of 2-4%, and it does not degrade, so will last the lifetime of the project. So if you need somewhere to park your new yacht, give us a call!