DCL Certification

We did it! GALAXY Expanded Polystyrene has just passed very stringent fire safety tests. The DCL certification is linked with an approval from DCD and both are based on a fire test which was applied on our products and passed as Class A classification as per the UL 723 standards.This is not easily obtained. We are proud of the work involved to provide this quality of product.

Safety In The Factory

It's obvious. It is the forklift. Why? 1 in 6 deaths in the workplace involve a forklift. Being crushed by an overturning forklift accounts for 42% of forklift deaths per year. In their useful life, 90% of forklifts will be involved in an accident. So if confronted by a lion and a forklift at the same time, run from the forklift!! If companies implemented more stringent training policies, OHSA estimate that about 70% of forklift accidents could be prevented.

Unusual Uses Of EPS

Yes, this golf hole in Idaho is floating. It is made from 104 blocks of expanded polystyrene encased in cement. And what's more, it can be moved to make the hole shorter or longer (depending on the mood of the head greenkeeper!!). When will we see one in the UAE? GALAXY is ready to supply the blocks....


This is our newly arrived Polystyrene Recycling Machine ♻️. It is a part of our recycling plant equipment for our #Go_Green Strategy.